We held a co design workshop with Red Landscape for the CoCT in Hanover park to find out what citizens would like to see happening around the library – and how public art could contribute to solving some of their gang-related problems.


We have two successful businesses on the Cape Flats where teachers train to become Creative Facilitators and lead creative extra murals at their schools. We support 95 children and help teachers boost their salaries.

Lauren Shantall Communications | Team synergisation

Taking on new team members can be challenging this workshop helped the team to appreciate their individual ways of working better and helped create new office management processes.

AFRIKABURN | Democratising the Art Grant process

Artists, engineers and art commitee members using Design Thinking to improve accessibility in the art grant process – the new system was prototyped in 2016.


“Karen’s experience … ensured the programme ran smoothly, was enjoyable and productive. …she was immediately able to adapt, demonstrating a solid understanding of the principles behind this type of work”Linsday Bush (pictured) – Ward Projects Programme Manager, City of Cape Town World Design Capital 2014.

Lindsay WDC2014
Community members co created plans that relflected the needs and imagination of their communities. The City now owns a replicatable process that allows genuine community engagement and ownership to happen.

Using WDC2014 as a vehicle for change, the COCT embarked on a 76 design thinking workshop project that touched many of Cape Town’s Wards. We engaged with the city, its citizens and the creative community and we successfully demonstrated how design thinking can improve service delivery and create a public participation process that works. The Ah HA Company was a proud member of this team headed by Richard Perez.

EUROPEAN UNION, GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit) | Reforming the Zambian Justice System UN Scoping Mission co creation workshops

I would do this type of participatory process again. I am proud of the broad stakeholders that we involved into the process.” Sabrina Bazzanella – European Union External Action, Lusaka

Law practioners in Zambia in a participatory process to reform the justice system – law clerks work alongside judges to see the problem from all angles and create a scaleable solution.

The UN was very clear that they wanted a public participation process. Marion Adamson (Managing Partner of IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge) and I designed two processes for them – effectively mining the extensive knowledge of lawmakers, the Zambian police, clerks, judges and citizens and UN specialists.

COMMUNICARE | Company Rebranding workshop

“We wanted to involve our staff and Karen Stewart proposed a really effective participatory process that allowed our staff to co-create our corporate image.  The interactive workshop methodology facilitated quality reflection and creative thinking through the review of our mission, brand identity games… In the end we had an excellent team building experience and emerged with a wonderful ideas to incorporate in our design brief.” Anthea Houston – CEO, Communicare

Communicare has been supplying low cost housing for 90 years. The company felt their brand did not capture the aims of their new strategic direction. This workshop helped them create a fresh design brief for their brand.

CITY OF CAPE TOWN Arts and Culture | 5-year Strategic Planning workshop

Karen proved to be extremely flexible in her approach, adapting to new information, as it was uncovered.” Zayd Minty, Manager – Arts and Culture Dept, City of Cape Town

Adding thinking
Thinking together proved to be the best way to build the dynamic Arts and Culture team.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability | Princess Trail Communication Strategy

Karen’s facilitation skills and workshop methodology were dynamic, engaging and incredibly stimulating for the attendees. Her attention to detail and the time she spent gaining a deeper knowledge of the subject matter at hand allowed for an insightfully designed workshop, which was admirable given the short time at hand.” Georgina Avlonitis Project Manager, Urban Natural Assets for Africa (UNA Africa)

Source to Sea porcess
A unified vision and clear, implementable communications strategy to promote the Princess Trail.

CITY OF CAPE TOWN Department of Arts and Culture| Reimagining the Langa Cultural District

Langa Residents digest some research done on the area and help update the information of cultural resources.

This was a very complex project and the workshop was a very good start towards its development. Given the intricacies of the group dynamics/personalities, a good balance between listening, facilitating, communicating and planning was achieved.Nadia Thorne – Research Coordinator, City of Cape Town Arts and Culture

CITY OF CAPE TOWN Arts and Culture: Strategic Visioning Nov 2013

“This was a very complex project and the workshop was a very good start towards its development, given the intricacies of the group dynamics/personalities, a good balance between listening, facilitating, communicating and planning was achieved” Nadia Thorne (CoCT Dept Art + Culture)

KAMERS | How to improve the Kamers brand presence at their national trade fairs

“Myself as well as the team members were inspired by the possibilities that opened for us and that we could implement in the business. Karen’s creative, calm and insightful way of working had a big impact.” Amelia van Zyl – Founder, Kamers

Wanda cheekily puts pay to some ideas… Sorting out the ideas is an important step in a creative process.

We supported the creative and admin team to develop the brand by creating a growth strategy for all 2013 national Kamers markets. The team uncovered 130 new ways to engage their audience, freshen up their brand and expose it in unusual ways. In process we also were able to identify healthier ways for the team to work together creatively.