At The Ah HA Company our clients are our partners

We cannot create a solution without a client’s input into the design process. We always co-create with our clients and outcomes with our participants.

Law practioners in Zambia in a participatory process to reform the justice system – law clerks work alongside judges to see the problem from all angles and create a scaleable solution.
Teachers at 3-day professional development workshop – using weaving to talk about our connections as a community. Pic: Earl Abrahams
Happy clients 3
Ward Projects WDC 2014 Grassy Park – WCD2014 City Ward Projects: Our co designers of redesigning relevant Youth Development Programmes.
Marc Steinlin (pictured right) mentored us at the beginning of the WDC Wards projects. We take our creative hat off to him and his team at IngeniousPeoplesKnowledge whom freely shared their Design Thinking knowledge and helped us pull off this epic piece of work!


Karen Stewart, “chief box-cutter” and owner of the Ah HA Company, doesn’t just talk about participatory co-design process – it is the essence of what she does. Karen is primarily responsible for the co-design and client liaison and has a pool of experienced co-facilitators and assistants that she calls on for workshop processes. You are guaranteed personal attention!  Her work focusses on community-based design solutions.

She even wrote a book on creative engagement – a guide for creative facilitators called Boxcutter (see resources to download your copy). She is unique in the way she works, drawing on her extensive network to find the creative minds best suited to address clients’ specific challenges.

Her experience was built at the Cape Craft & Design Institute, AAA School for Advertising and several other design industry schools. Her business leadership skills allow clients to discover innovative ways of taking their projects forward by using design thinking and co-creation methodologies. She  is able to work effectively with people from all walks of life.

Zaid Philander was a workshop assistant and helped us co-ordinate the designers for the City Ward Co-Design (WDC2014) workshops. He has helped us co-facilitate our design thinking workshops. He owns Icecreamandred, which manufactures unique bags out of innovative recycled materials. Zaid is a vibrant and ethical member of our team.

Nadya Glawe helped us co-ordinate the designers for the City Ward Co-Design (WDC2014) workshops. She often assists us with workshop processes. Nadya is the owner of Halo Design and a designer-maker in her own right.