At The Ah HA Company we understand how important creative process design and facilitation is. We conceptualise, design and facilitate workshops that bring out the best in people by involving them to give input into the design issues that affect and benefit them on a daily basis.


Everyone’s talking about design thinking, creativity and co-creation these days, but what’s it all about? They might sound like catchy buzzwords, but they’re based on sound methodology and have delivered tangible results to our clients again and again. In 2016 we worked with Standard Bank using the Lean Innovation Framework to design a disruptive business model. We are still expolring the uses and potential of this methodology.

WDC Co Design Workshop TableviewWhat is Design Thinking?

Design thinking puts the knowledge of the user at the centre of the design process. This method enables the organisation to find its own answers by incorporating diverse perspectives with the goal of reaching a shared understanding. This facilitates a design direction and formulates concrete steps towards making the design a reality.

The process implicitly triggers creativity and tests ideas through the iteration of prototypes. Learning from doing is a critical, practical part of the design thinking process.

We know there is not one right answer; instead, we engage with the participants and together they unlock many solutions – often ones we could never have imagined alone!

What is Lean Innovation?

Justin Coetzee co facilitating a Business Model Canvas workshop, part of the Lean Start up methodology, with the Ah HA Company for Standard Bank 2016.

The Lean Startup methods are based on Eric Reis’s ideas encapsulated in “The Lean Start Up“. It provides a scientific perspective for creating and managing startups and getting a desired product into the customers’ hands faster. It’s about learning quickly and adapting your design to the results gained from experiemnts. The Lean Startup method is all about how to steer, when to turn, and when to persevere and grow a business. It is a principled approach to new product development.

What is Creativity?


We understand creativity to be the ability of an individual to embrace flexible thought processes, to think in novel ways that may surprise, and to see potential in the unexpected relationships between things. Creativity offers change from what has been, and allows you to imagine what might be. It embraces the unexpected solution.

What is co-creation/design?

Teachers at the Africa A+ 2017 Institute reflect on their experiences.

As you’ve probably figured out by now, co-creation gets participants to work together to find solutions by accessing their imagination, curiosity and creativity. They’re the ones with the expert knowledge and experience of the problem – so they become the specialists in this process and unlock the best ideas.

Clearly defined tasks allow groups to think together effectively. Team members become equal thinking partners, are able to welcome ideas and listen actively to each other. This supportive environment frees creativity and encourages better performance.

Simply asking people to share their ideas doesn’t always elicit rich responses; the facilitator has to set the stage to allow people to feel comfortable with the notion of sharing their thoughts about a subject.

The group finds itself in the powerful position of being able to choose. Analytical thinking can then be applied to decide on the best solution to the identified problem and to refine the idea further.