We’re idea engineers. We give you the tools to open
out-of-the-box problem-solving.

Our workshops break through barriers. No “bosses” or brownie points. No anxious employees thinking there’s a right answer. Just an engaged, professional facilitator steering participants towards finding their own answers together.

We ignite the fire of creative thinking and help corporates, small businesses, city agencies and communities to create appropriate, implementable and scalable solutions. Once learnt, these creative thinking skills remain embedded in the system, enabling your company to problem solve, evolve and redesign solutions.

In Africa A+ trained fellows work at preschool level helping teachers to us the Arts to teach the curriculum. We have 6 schools in the network (est. in 2015).
We’re in the process of testing a creative extra mural programme aimed at children 3-5 in Capricorn, this will be the focus of our Lean Innovation work for 2017.
City interventions that reflect the real needs and imagination of the community
WDC 2014 Mokena Mokeka presents the community’s ideas to upgrade of Leeuwen park. These plans reflected the real needs and imagination of the community.
The Department of Arts and Culture works on their Design Thinking Charter which underpinned all their WDC2014 projects.

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